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Kotlin coroutines, actors

A first walk into Kotlin coroutines on Android

Kotlin coroutines on Android


Android Coroutine Recipes []

Best practices for coroutines in Android

Concurrent Programming in Kotlin: Coroutines

Simple asynchronous loading with Kotlin Coroutines ;; + LifecycleObserver; + Kotlin Coroutine DSL
Coroutines on Android (part I): Getting the background []
Coroutines on Android (part II): Getting started []


Coroutines, Yonatan Levin – Android Developer@Monday

Bridging the gap between coroutines, threads, and concurrency problems
03.02.2021 []


Coroutines: First things first. Cancellation and Exceptions in Coroutines (Part 1)

Cancellation in coroutines

Exceptions in Coroutines

Coroutines & Patterns for work that shouldn’t be cancelled
Cancellation and Exceptions in Coroutines (Part 4)

Using Kotlin Coroutines in your Android App []

Use Kotlin coroutines with Architecture components []

From RxJava to Kotlin Flow: Error Handling
From RxJava to Kotlin Flow: Backpressure [ ]
From RxJava to Kotlin Flow: Testing
The Real Kotlin Flow benefits over RxJava

StateFlow, SharedFlow
Introduce StateFlow
Пробуем и разбираемся с StateFlow
StateFlow, End of LiveData?
Replace SingleLiveEvent with kotlin Channel / Flow
kotlinx.coroutines 1.4.0: Introducing StateFlow and SharedFlow

A safer way to collect flows from Android UIs
24.03.2021 by Manuel Vivo []

Kotlin flows on Android

Even smarter async with coroutine actors ;; + Channels; + Sequence of events; + Actor

Kotlin Coroutines — Handling concurrency like a pro (Retrofit2 + Coroutines) []

Coroutines and RxJava — An Asynchronicity Comparison []

[] Kotlin coroutines guide – concurrent programming in kotlin []


Room + Coroutines []

Kotlin coroutines, threads, concurrency and parallelism 101 []

Threading models in Coroutines and Android SQLite API []

Watcha Doin’? Inspecting Kotlin coroutines with timing graphs. []

Exceptions and proxies and coroutines, oh my! []

Kotlin Coroutines для Android — Прощай RxJava? []

Corbind – Coroutines binding APIs for Android UI widgets from the platform and support libraries. []

Coroutines in Kotlin 1.3 explained: Suspending functions, contexts, builders and scopes []

How can we use CoroutineScopes in Kotlin? []

Making Android unidirectional data flow with Kotlin coroutines []

Structured Concurrency Anniversary []

How to unit test code with Coroutines []

Kotlin: when statement, when expression… oh my! or How we created our custom Detekt rule []

RxJava VS. Coroutines In Two Use Cases []

Unit Testing Coroutine Suspend Functions using TestCoroutineDispatcher []

Everything you need to know about kotlin coroutines []

Testing two consecutive LiveData emissions in Coroutines []

«Coroutines Flow», Кирилл Розов, Epam

To modify data RxJava provides a lot of methods, but Kotlin Coroutines doesn’t have them. This library’s goal is creating functions that will provide users possibility to use the same functional as in RxJava
[ ]

The suspend modifier — Under the hood
24/03/2020 by Manuel Vivo []

Kotlin Coroutines in Android — Channel [ ]

Binding Android UI with Kotlin Flow [ ]

Preventing coroutine cancellation for important actions [ ]
NonCancellable [ ]

Coroutines and exceptions: things to know

Understanding Kotlin Coroutines with this mental model
Do I need to call suspend functions of Retrofit and Room on a background thread?

Coroutines: Suspending State Machines

Deep recursion with coroutines

Phantom of the Coroutine

Корутины: основы
Корутины: исключения


Kotlin Concurrency with Actors

Is there a way to reuse a Job instance?

Structured concurrency with two parent jobs


A small testing library for kotlinx.coroutines Flow
[] by Jake Wharton

How We Test Concurrent Primitives in Kotlin Coroutines

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