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Architectures of Android applications

update 14/05/2018

About MVVM and Kotlin in architecting-android-reloaded (github)

Forms & Controls
Model View Controller
Model View Presenter
Model View ViewModel
Model View Intent
Comparative Analysis

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Kotlin coroutines

A first walk into Kotlin coroutines on Android


Concurrent Programming in Kotlin: Coroutines

Simple asynchronous loading with Kotlin Coroutines ;; + LifecycleObserver; + Kotlin Coroutine DSL

Even smarter async with coroutine actors ;; + Channels; + Sequence of events; + Actor

Kotlin Coroutines — Handling concurrency like a pro (Retrofit2 + Coroutines) []

Coroutines and RxJava — An Asynchronicity Comparison []

[] Kotlin coroutines guide – concurrent programming in kotlin []