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Kotlin 2-beta5

IDE support

Kotlin K2 compiler

  • Current K2 compiler limitations
  • Smart cast improvements
  • Kotlin Multiplatform improvements
  • Compiler plugins support
  • How to enable the Kotlin K2 compiler
  • Try the Kotlin K2 compiler in Kotlin Playground
  • Support in IntelliJ IDEA
  • Leave your feedback on the new K2 compiler

Kotlin/Native: resolving conflicts with Objective-C methods


  • Unsigned primitive types in functions with @JsExport
  • Binaryen available by default in production builds
  • Generation of TypeScript declaration files in Kotlin/Wasm
  • Support for named export


  • Support for type-safe plain JavaScript objects
  • Support for npm package manager

Gradle improvements

  • Improved Gradle dependency handling for CInteropProcess in Kotlin/Native
  • Visibility changes in Gradle
  • New directory for Kotlin data in Gradle projects
  • Kotlin/Native compiler downloaded when needed
  • Deprecating old ways of defining compiler options

Standard library: Stable AutoCloseable interface

What to expect from upcoming Kotlin EAP releases

How to update to Kotlin 2.0.0-Beta5