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Use Firebase



Set up Google Play Services

Firebase Cloud Messaging HTTP Protocol


Android push notification tutorial (php, mysql)

Firebase kotlin ktx []

Firebase vs Google Analytics

Firebase API

Firebase BoM

Product news and other highlights from Firebase Live

New API for manually tracking screen views in Google Analytics
18.08.2020 []

What’s new at Firebase Summit 2019 [ ]
How to set up Crashlytics alerting to monitor app stability [ ]

Exploring Firebase ML Kit on Android: Smart Reply [ ]

Firebase App Distribution, Fastlane, Docker, Bitbucket Pipelines, Telegram, and all that jazz [ ]

Firebase ML Kit: AutoML Vision Edge [ ]

Test Robo Scripts Locally: Useful For Firebase Test Lab & Pre-launch Reports [ ]

Firebase App Distribution - Distributing test releases of your apps [ ]

Google Analytics vs. Firebase Analytics vs. Google Analytics [ ]


Разработка, аналитика и атрибуция. Какие сервисы нужны для мобильного приложения в 2021?

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