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Android – keep secrets right

App security best practices

research of android security []

SSL pinning защита мобильного банкинга на android с помощью ssl сертификата [] [pdf]

Безопасность со вкусом Google []

Android AES crypto encryption [] AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding [pdf]

Tampering detection Android []

Organized Secure Storage — EncryptedSharedPreferences
22.05.2020 []

TinyCheck allows you to easily capture network communications from a smartphone or any device which can be associated to a Wi-Fi access point in order to quickly analyze them

Топ-10 уязвимостей мобильных приложений и способы их устранения

Adapt your app for the latest privacy best practices
10.09.2020 []

Using BiometricPrompt with CryptoObject: How and Why
27.02.2020 []

Securing a Room Database With Passcode-Based Encryption
22.06.2020 [] SQLCipher

Securing a Room Database With Passcode-Based Encryption

Android SQLite API based on SQLCipher

AndroidX: Security library []

Migrating from FingerprintManager to BiometricPrompt []

Androidx Biometric library code review []

Biometrics in Android

How to enable logging on any released Android app []

Encrypted Preferences in Android []

Certificate transparency for Android and Java []

Безопасная передача данных между двумя приложениями []

Authentication Android SSL client cert [] [pdf]

Tips for Developing Secure Android Applications []

Using a Custom Certificate Trust Store on Android []

Secure data in Android — Encryption

This article is a part of “Secure data in Android” series:

Encryption in Android (Part 1)
Encryption in Android (Part 2)
Encrypting Large Data
Initialization Vector
Key Invalidation
Confirm Credentials


Modern Security in Android (part 1)

Storing data securely on Android-KeyStore Symmetric [ ]

Storing data securely on Android-Introduction [ ]

Storing data securely on Android-KeyStore Asymmetric [ ]

Secure Communication With the Server From Your Android Client With Certificate Pinning [ ]

Secured by Knox — механизмы мобильной безопасности Samsung [ ]

Secure Communication With the Server From Your Android Client With Certificate Pinning [ ]

Security in Android — Cheatsheet []

Google security
Google Play Security Reward Program [ ]
Android app vulnerability classes [pdf]
Zerodium [ ]
Merge multiple manifest files [ ]
Play protect [ ]
OWASP™ Foundation [ ]
Network security configuration [ ]
[ ]

Creating Secure Android Applications.

Современные Android-устройства достаточно безопасны и вот почему

Хранение ключей API в нативном коде

Как прикрутить и отломать SSL pinning. CertificatePinner & NSC vs Reverse Engineer

Security in a nutshell []

EvadeMe []
A Kotlin Android library for heuristics evasion that prevents your code from being tested.

EvadeMe — Android Library
10.2020 []

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