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Android compilers, AOT, JIT, performance, etc

Android CPU, Compilers, D8 & R8 [ ]

Android app startup time: why we care [ ]

Сжимаем APK, стараясь сохранить его работоспособность [ ]

Increasing performance in an Android application [ ]

How to optimize memory consumption when using Glide [ ]

Comparison of ProGuard vs. R8: October 2019 edition [ ]

Что такое Android Lint и как он помогает писать поддерживаемый код [ ]

Everything you need to know about Memory Leaks in Android. [ ]

Android Internals: ART vs DVM deep dive [ ]

Exploring the Android build process: Caching [ ]

Exploring the Android build process: demystifying Gradle flags [ ]

Android Internals 101: How Android OS Starts You Application [ ]

Android Permissions System Vulnerabilities and Possible Workarounds [ ]

Making Android Lint Theme Aware — Part 1 [ ]

Is there a unique Android device ID? [ ]

Top 12 Ways to Reduce Android App Size During App Development Lifecycle [ ]

R8 Optimization: Class Reflection and Forced Inlining [ ]

Feature Flags – How to use [ ]

Фантастические плагины, vol. 1. Теория [ ]

Dealing with Large Memory Requirements on Android [ ]

Speed up your Android Studio [ ]

TimingLogger: An idiomatic Android approach to measuring execution time [ ]

Измерение производительности андроид приложений []
Performance Improvements for Search on The Yelp Android App

Instagram: Improving performance with background data prefetching

Kotlin performance on Android []

Android performance by Google [–ud825]

Memory Management
Android Memory Management, Garbage collection, DDMS, How to Improve Memory Usage, How to Avoid Memory Leaks, Android Profiling Tools [ ]

Android third party tools to increase the performance of your app. [ ]

Your Android Application Silently Skips Frames [ ]

The battle for jank*-less UI on Android [ ]

Virtual Machine in Android: Everything you need to know [ ]

Инструменты для запуска и разработки Java приложений, компиляция, выполнение на JVM [ ]

A tool used to obfuscate aab resources [ ]

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