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DI – Dagger 2, Koin, Kodein

Demystifying the new Dagger Android Injection API

Dependency injection in Android []

Koin – это Dependency Injection или Service Locator? []

Using Dagger in multi-module apps [] (Dependency graph, scopes) (Custom scopes, Component dependencies, Subcomponents) (Qualifier annotation)

Dagger 2. Subcomponents. Best practice []

Dagger 2. Subcomponents. Best practice. Part 2 []

Setting Up Android Modules With Kodein []

Dagger in Kotlin: Gotchas and Optimizations []

Setting Up Android Modules with Koin []

Dagger 2 for Android Beginners (ru)


Painless Dagger+Android+Kotlin [ ]

Abusing Dagger with Initializers [ ]

Dagger 2, component factory, subcomponent factory [ ]

Dagger 2 Multibindings Illustrated [ ]

Dagger Party Tricks: Refactoring [ ]

Dagger Android — Behind the Scenes [ ]

Injection into Android Component’s Constructors is real [ ]

Constructor injection into Fragments with respect of scopes [ ]

Dependency injection from zero to hero with Koin by Arnaud Giuliani EN


Introducing Scabbard: Easily visualize Dagger 2 dependency graphs [ ]

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