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Gradle for Android Developers

Decommissioning HTTP for Gradle Services []

Beginner’s Guide to Gradle for Android Developers

Gradle Tutorial for Android: Getting Started

New APIs in the Android Gradle Plugin
29.07.2020 []

Introducing Configuration Caching
10.08.2020 []

The proper care and feeding of your Gradle build
Gradle plugin for Java, Kotlin, and Android projects. Provides advice for managing dependencies and other applied plugins


Gradle plugin to keep your modules graph healthy and lean.

Preparing your Gradle build for package visibility in Android 11
14.07.2020 []

👉 org.gradle.configureondemand=true
👉 kapt.use.worker.api = true
👉 org.gradle.parallel=true
👉 org.gradle.caching=true
👉 room.incremental = true

10 Tips to Speed Up Android Gradle Build Times

19 tips for Gradle in Android projects — 2019 Edition []

Converting your Android Gradle scripts to Kotlin []

Know more about amazing Gradle in Android Studio []

Implementation Vs Api in Android Gradle plugin 3.0 []

a Developer’s insight(s) about Android + Gradle []

Разработчики про использование Gradle в Android

Шпаргалка по Gradle [ ]

Трансформация кода в Android [ ]

Incremental testing for Gradle multi-projects [ ]

Gradle Remote Build Cache Misses [ ]

Optimize Gradle build performance [ ]

Generating Java/Kotlin source files during Android Gradle build. [ ]

O(1) Android build time at Tiki [ ]

Introducing flaky test mitigation tools for Gradle [ ]

Инкрементальный annotation proccesing для ускорения gradle-сборок [ ]

Optional dependencies are not optional [ ]

How to use Composite builds as a replacement of buildSrc in Gradle

10 Tips to Speed Up Android Gradle Build Times

Optimizing Gradle Daemon’s memory and cache usage

Stop using Gradle buildSrc. Use composite builds instead

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