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“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” Dean Karnazes, American ultramarathon runner

«Когда можешь — беги, если нельзя — иди, если по-другому никак — ползи, но только никогда не сдавайся». Дин Карнасис, американский сверхмарафонец

When his mother gets sick (to get sick — заболеть), Forrest leaves to take care of her. She dies and Forrest stays in Greenbow.

Jenny shows up (to show up — появляться) at Forrest’s home. After living together “like a family”, he proposes to her (to propose — делать предложение). She says no, but they sleep together. The next morning, she is gone again.

Forrest is shocked and goes for a run (to go for a run — выходить на пробежку). He doesn’t stop running, coast to coast, for years. His travels gather followers and media attention.


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