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Present Continuous

Не используется с этими глаголами:
See, hear.
Know, believe, think (have an opinion), doubt, feel (have an opinion), guess, imagine, mean, realize, recognize, remember, suppose, understand.
Want, wish
Love, like, dislike, hate, prefer.
Be, have, contain, depend, belong, concern, consist of, deserve, fit, include, involve, lack, matter, need, owe, own, possess, appear, resemble, seem.
Measure (have a length), taste (have a flavor), smell, sound, weigh (have a weight).
Astonish, impress, please, satisfy, surprise.

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Future perfect continuous

В следующем году будет 5 лет как она работает здесь – next year she will have been working here for 5 years.
Завтра будет неделя как идет снег – it will have been snowing for a week tomorrow.