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About Kotlin

The Kotlin REPL []
Kotlin command-line compiler []
ki: The Next Interactive Shell for Kotlin []

Kotlin Coroutines Design Proposal []

Public API challenges in Kotlin []

Demystifying the inline keyword ( []

Parcelable in Kotlin (

Parcelize []

A study of the Parcelize feature from Kotlin Android Extensions []

Kotlin: When to Use Lazy or Lateinit (

Mocking Kotlin classes with Mockito — the fast way (

Lessons from my first multiplatform Kotlin project (

With the receiver in scope
01.07.2020 by Roman Elizarov []

Support for Kotlin SAM in release 1.4
15.08.2020 []

Tonnes of fun with Kotlin
Ten #AndroidLifeHacks You Can Use Today

How to Make the Compiler Smarter. Contract.

How to convert a Kotlin source file to a Java source file?

kotlinx datetime

The one and only object. Object static singleton

Kotlin library development for Android/Java hints []

When using enums and R8

Kotlin: cleaning Java bytecode before release []

Tackle tech debt with @Deprecated annotation

Kotlin DSL, Fixtures и элегантные UI тесты в Android []

How to Develop Android Image Gallery App in Kotlin (

Computer Vision with Kotlin (

Kotlin’s let extension function (

Listeners with several functions in Kotlin. How to make them shine? (

Android Testing with Kotlin (

Mastering Kotlin standard functions: run, with, let, also and apply (

Don’t use lambdas as listeners in Kotlin (

The Ins and Outs of Generic Variance in Kotlin (

MockK – mocking library for kotlin []

Class delegation in Kotlin []

Kotlin Delegation by Inception

Делегаты в Kotlin для Android []

Kotlin: Don’t just use LET for null check []

Kotlin Hands-On []

The Mystery of Mutable Kotlin Collections []

Collections and sequences in Kotlin []

When to Use Sequences []

Analyzing the Internals of Kotlin’s Android Synthetic Import (Part 1) []

Kotlin: Type aliases and inline classes []

Kotlin Android Extensions: Using View Binding the right way []

Introducing Coil: Kotlin-first image loading on Android []

Primaries Matter (a discussion of constructors) []

The beauty of Kotlin typing system []

Unit, Nothing, Any (and null) []

Meet detekt, a static code analysis tool for the Kotlin programming language. It operates on the abstract syntax tree provided by the Kotlin compiler. []

An anti-bikeshedding Kotlin linter with built-in formatter []

The problem with extension functions []

Расширения в Kotlin. Опасный атавизм или полезный инструмент? [ ]

Utils class in Kotlin [ ]

It’s Nothing
Nothing is a special type in Kotlin often used for errors. Is that all it’s useful for though?

Enum vs Sealed class — which one to choose?

Kotlin Under the hood: the magic of classes. Part 1
Kotlin Under the hood: the magic of classes. Part 2

Kotlin and Exceptions

Reification of the erased

Kotlin Collections Challenges (Part I)
Kotlin Collection Functions Cheat Sheet

What is the difference between “const” and “val”?

Delegation Pattern in Kotlin

The hidden Kotlin gem you didn’t think you’ll love: Deprecations with ReplaceWith

7 Quick Kotlin Tips for Android Developers

Kotlin dilemma: Extension or Member

A decompiled story of Kotlin let and run

Kotlin’s Noinline & Crossline, once for all

Inline functions — under the hood

Companion Objects: Kotlin’s most unassuming power feature

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