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About Kotlin

Kotlin Coroutines Design Proposal []

Public API challenges in Kotlin []

Demystifying the inline keyword (

Parcelable in Kotlin (

Parcelize []

A study of the Parcelize feature from Kotlin Android Extensions []

Kotlin: When to Use Lazy or Lateinit (

Mocking Kotlin classes with Mockito — the fast way (

Lessons from my first multiplatform Kotlin project (
Kotlin library development for Android/Java hints []

Kotlin: cleaning Java bytecode before release []

Kotlin DSL, Fixtures и элегантные UI тесты в Android []

How to Develop Android Image Gallery App in Kotlin (

Computer Vision with Kotlin (

Kotlin’s let extension function (

Listeners with several functions in Kotlin. How to make them shine? (

Android Testing with Kotlin (

Mastering Kotlin standard functions: run, with, let, also and apply (

Don’t use lambdas as listeners in Kotlin (

The Ins and Outs of Generic Variance in Kotlin (

MockK – mocking library for kotlin []

Class delegation in Kotlin []

Делегаты в Kotlin для Android []

Kotlin: Don’t just use LET for null check []

Kotlin Hands-On []

The Mystery of Mutable Kotlin Collections []

Collections and sequences in Kotlin []

When to Use Sequences []

Analyzing the Internals of Kotlin’s Android Synthetic Import (Part 1) []

Kotlin: Type aliases and inline classes []

Kotlin Android Extensions: Using View Binding the right way []

Introducing Coil: Kotlin-first image loading on Android []

Primaries Matter (a discussion of constructors) []

The beauty of Kotlin typing system []

Unit, Nothing, Any (and null) []

Meet detekt, a static code analysis tool for the Kotlin programming language. It operates on the abstract syntax tree provided by the Kotlin compiler. []

An anti-bikeshedding Kotlin linter with built-in formatter []

The problem with extension functions []

Расширения в Kotlin. Опасный атавизм или полезный инструмент? [ ]

Utils class in Kotlin [ ]

It’s Nothing
Nothing is a special type in Kotlin often used for errors. Is that all it’s useful for though?

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