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Setting up a Material Components theme for Android

Style and Theme
Android Styling: Themes vs Styles [ ]
Android Styling: Common Theme Attributes [ ]
by Nick Butcher


Material Design: Shape []

Understanding Android Matrix transformations []

How to maximize Android’s UI reusability — 5 common mistakes

Upgrading to Material Components []

My experience with Material Design Components on Android []

Setting up a Material Components theme for Android []

What’s your text’s appearance? []

Material feature discovery; showcase

Material feature discovery

Showcase view




Android style widget theme material design

Bootstrap style widgets for Android, with Glyph Icons


MaterialDoc – We feel there’s a huge disconnect between google material design guidelines and developers docs. After collecting feedback on Google+ and Reddit we decided to make a site with a single list of available material components and samples of their usage

Material Components Android: BottomAppBar



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