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Misc sport programming


Topological sorting


Catalan number and Bracket sequences ;

Правильные скобочные последовательности ; ;

Четные, нечетные, совершенные числа. Even, odd, perfect numbers [] [] [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]

Misc tasks

Experimental production line, Find the cat, Climbing Stairs [] [pdf]

A small cockroach, Given a number K, On very distant island, there is an airport. [] [pdf]

some prog tasks [] [pdf]

A sailboat wents, A set of n types of rectangular 3-dimensional boxes is given, You returning from long journey [] [pdf]

A bunch of men are on an island. A genie comes down and gathers everyone together and places a magical hat(s) on some people’s heads [] [pdf]

Custom String.IndexOf() [] [pdf]

Поиск повторяющихся элементов в массиве [] [pdf]

Multiplication of digits [] [pdf]

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