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Restart service if start_sticky on Xiaomi

Service does not restart after a user kill a application on Xiaomi devices even we use

public int onStartCommand(Intent intent, int flags, int startId) {
    return START_STICKY;

Xiaomi devices have extra permissions called “auto start” that allows services be restarted automatically after they were killed.

I did not find how to check autostart permissions programmatically.

But we can redirect a user to permission screen by this code

String manufacturer = "xiaomi";<br><br>
if (manufacturer.equalsIgnoreCase(android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER)) {<br><br>
    //this will open auto start screen where user can enable permission for your app<br><br>
    Intent intent1 = new Intent();<br><br>
    intent1.setComponent(new ComponentName("com.miui.securitycenter", "com.miui.permcenter.autostart.AutoStartManagementActivity"));<br><br>

Also for Huawei:

if("huawei".equalsIgnoreCase(android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER) && !sp.getBoolean("protected",false)) {<br><br>
        AlertDialog.Builder builder  = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);<br><br>
                .setPositiveButton(R.string.go_to_protected, new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {<br><br>
                    public void onClick(DialogInterface dialogInterface, int i) {<br><br>
                        Intent intent = new Intent();<br><br>
                        intent.setComponent(new ComponentName("com.huawei.systemmanager", "com.huawei.systemmanager.optimize.process.ProtectActivity"));<br><br>


To open app settings screen

Intent intent = new Intent();<br><br>
Uri uri = Uri.fromParts("package", getPackageName(), null);<br><br>

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