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google app index

Android Debug Bridge ADB

$ ID="foo"
$ adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW \ -d "$ID" \


protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceStates) {
  mClient = new GoogleApiClient.Builder(this).addApi(AppIndex.API).build();

public void onStart() {
  String url = "" + sessionId;
  Action action = Action.newAction(Action.TYPE_VIEW, title, url);
  AppIndex.AppIndexApi.start(mClient, action);

Activity. User came from Google

//referrer string for Intents from Google Search in a browser
static final String Google_web_referrer = "";
//referrer string for Intents from the Google app
static final String Google_app_referrer = "android-app://";

public void onStart() {
  String referrer = this.getReferrer().toString();
  if (Google_web_referrer.equals(referrer) || Google_app_referrer.equals(referrer)) {
    // user came from google
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