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Inversion in English

  1. Inversion in English refers to placing the verb before the subject, and is used for emphasis. For example, inversion is required in negative sentences beginning with not / not only / never / rarely or other negative words and phrasesNot only will a cat cheer you up when you are down, it also can help to reduce the stress level now and then.
    Кошка не только приободрит вас, когда вы не в настроении, но порой сможет помочь снизить уровень стресса.
  2. We can use inversion instead of if in conditionals with had, were and should. This variant is quite formal and often used in business emails.Should you decide to adopt a stray cat, take it to the vet first. It will benefit both of you in the long run.
    Если вы решите приютить уличную кошку, отнесите ее сначала к ветеринару. Это принесет вам обоим пользу в перспективе.
  3. Inversion takes place in sentences beginning with the adverb here or there. Most of you remember here is and there are, but there are other common verbs we can use, e.g. exist, come, and go.Here comes the cat, and for the time being all attention will naturally go to it.
    А вот и кот, и на время все внимание, естественно, уйдет к нему.

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