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GTA 5 – monkey mosaic

To finish this random event you should unlock all 3 main characters and buy at least 2 garages.

Detailed locations:
monkey-01 monkey-02 monkey-03 monkey-04 monkey-05 monkey-06 monkey-07 monkey-08 monkey-09 monkey-10 monkey-11 monkey-12 monkey-13 monkey-14 monkey-15 monkey-16 monkey-17 monkey-18 monkey-19 monkey-20 monkey-21 monkey-22 monkey-23 monkey-24 monkey-25 monkey-26 monkey-27 monkey-28 monkey-29 monkey-30 monkey-31 monkey-32 monkey-33 monkey-34 monkey-35 monkey-36 monkey-37 monkey-38 monkey-39 monkey-40 monkey-41 monkey-42 monkey-43 monkey-44 monkey-45 monkey-46 monkey-47 monkey-48 monkey-49 monkey-50


After a few days you will get Random Event on the Map near Los Santos Customs.

Sneak to him and take a photo. Don’t scare him off.


Let him escape, you will get a text from him informing you that a new car is in the garage.


Congrats – you’ve just unlocked the Dinka Go Go Monkey Blista.


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