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process is running on remote computer

This function checks if a process is running on a (remote) computer.

Function IsProcessRunning( strServer, strProcess )
    Dim Process, strObject
    IsProcessRunning = False
    strObject   = "winmgmts://" & strServer
    For Each Process in GetObject( strObject ).InstancesOf( "win32_process" )
	If UCase( ) = UCase( strProcess ) Then
            IsProcessRunning = True
            Exit Function
        End If
End Function

' Main
Dim strComputer, strProcess
   strProcess = inputbox( "Please enter the name of the process (for instance: explorer.exe)", "Input" )
Loop until strProcess <> ""
   strComputer = inputbox( "Please enter the computer name", "Input" )
Loop until strComputer <> ""
If( IsProcessRunning( strComputer, strProcess ) = True ) Then
    WScript.Echo "Process " & strProcess & " is running on computer " & strComputer
    WScript.Echo "Process " & strProcess & " is NOT running on computer " & strComputer
End If
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