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Dismay – Oh! Fuck it!
Aggression – Fuck you.
Passive – Fuck me.

Command – Go fuck yourself.
Incompetence – He’s a fuck-up.
Laziness – He’s a fuck off.
Ignorance – He’s a fucking jerk.
Trouble – I guess I’m fucked now.
Confusion – What the fuck.
Despair – Fucked again.
Philosophical – Who gives a fuck?
Denial – You ain’t fucking me.
Rebellion – Fuck the world.
Annoyance – Don’t fuck with me.
Encouragement – Keep on fucking.
Etiquette – Pass the fucking salt.
Fraud – I got fucked by my insurance agent.
Difficulty – I can’t understand this fucking business.
Identification – Who the fuck are you?
Agreement – You’re fucking right.
Benevolence – Don’t do me any fucking favors.

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