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Lay vs Lie

lie – lay – lain (lying) – лежать, ложиться
lay – laid – laid – положить, класть
lay the table – накрыть на стол
lay a park – разбить парк
lay a road – проложить дорогу
Он лег на кровать – He lay down on the bed
Он положил на кровать – He laid on the bed

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После suggest идет герундий, а не инфинитив
Он предложил пойти – he suggested going. (скорее всего, пойдут он и еще кто-то)
Он предложил, чтобы я помог ей: он только предложил, а действие будет выполнять я.
He suggested my helping her
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The modern society: progress or degradation

Today we live in the world of consumption, overall freedom and ubiquitous conveniences (I mean the most developed countries). High technologies, effective material production, great human capital are things following us this century. Computers, internet, mobile phones, electronics make our life easier and more productive. We have long life expectancy due to good living conditions, advanced medicine saving us from serious diseases and so on…But had we all these earlier? No, we hadn’t. Our life is developing as well as society….We’re facing the progress itself! But what is the progress of our society in reality? It is development, transformation from the lowest to the highest, from the least perfect to the most perfect. It’s eternal capability to perfect human intelligence, science development and, of course, moral development. When we clearly understand what the progress is, we’ll come to conclusion that it’s a very contradictive process especially in the modern society. In one area we have progress but in another one is threatening degradation or regress. And that’s why..
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Субъект действия в вопросах

Они же вопросы к подлежащему

Самым простым и понятным примером тут является:
Кто видел тебя? – Кого видел ты?
Who saw you? – Who did you see?

Что тревожит тебя – what troubles you?
Кто из вас знал его – which of you knew him?

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I’d rather, you’d better

Мне бы лучше, Я бы предпочел
I would rather (do)
Я бы предпочел, чтобы мне заплатили – I’d rather be paid.
I’d rather not go there.
What would you rather do?

Ты бы лучше
You had better (do)
You’d better keep silence.