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Complex Subject – Сложное подлежащее

Говорили, что она живет здесь.
It was sad that she …
They sad that she …

She was sad to live here.

Indefinite infinitive – одновременность действия со сказуемым и будущность

Сообщают, что она уехала.
She is reported to have gone.

perfect infinitive – предшествование

Известно, что он работает над важным исследованием.
He is known to be working at some important job.

continious infinitive – длительность

Предполагается, что они исследуют это уже два года.
They are believed to have been working at this problem for 2 years.

С глаголами seem, appear, turn out, happen, prove

Сказуемое с этими глаголами употребляется в Active voice.

Money just doesn’t happen to interest me.
He happened to be at the theatre = It so happened that he was at the theatre.
He seemed to be tired yesterday.
He seems to have done the wrong thing.

to be sure (certain) to …

He is sure to come.
Он наверняка придет.
He will surely (certainly) come.

to be likely (unlikely) to …

He is unlikely to come.

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