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DOs and DON’Ts for job seekers

DO learn ahead of time about the company and its product.
DO your homework.
DO apply for a job in person.

DO let as many people as possible know you are “job hunting.”
DO stress your qualification for the job opening.
DO recount experience you have had which would fit you for the job.
DO talk and think as far as possible about the future rather than the past.
DO indicate, where possible, your stability, attendance record and good safety experience.
DO assume an air of confidence.
DO approach the employer with respectful dignity.
DO try to be optimistic in your attitude.
DO maintain your poise and self-control.
DO try to overcome nervousness and shortness of breath.
DO hold yourself erect.
DO answer questions honestly and with straightforwardness.
DO have a good resume.
DO know the importance of getting along with people.
DO recognize your limitations.
DO make plenty of applications.
DO indicate your flexibility and readiness to learn.
DO be well-groomed and appropriately dressed.
DON’T keep stressing your need for a job.
DON’T discuss past experience which has no application to the job.
DON’T apologize for your age.
DON’T be untidy in appearance.
DON’T display “cock-suredness.”
DON’T cringe or beg for consideration.
DON’T speak with muffled voice or indistinctly.
DON’T be one of those who can do anything.
DON’T hedge in answering questions.
DON’T express your ideas on compensation, hours, etc. early in the interview.
DON’T hesitate to fill out applications, give references, take physical examination or tests on request.
DON’T hang around, prolonging the interview, when it should be over.
DON’T go to an interview without a record of your former work connection.
DON’T arrive late and breathless for an interview.
DON’T be a “know it all” or a person who can’t take instructions.
DON’T isolate yourself from contacts that might help you find a job.
DON’T feel that the world owes you for a living.
DON’T make claims if you cannot “deliver” on the job.
DON’T display a feeling of inferiority.

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